Finger Fracture

Also known as a broken finger, a finger fracture occurs when one or more bones in the finger break. A series of small bones called phalanges make up the finger’s structure. Any of these can break due to injury or weakened bones. Finger fractures are very common and can happen in all age groups.


There are many ways to fracture a finger, including bending, twisting, and crushing the finger. Most finger fractures occur in sports injuries, using a hand to break a fall, car accidents, and impact from a door or tool.


The most common symptoms of finger fractures are pain and swelling. The finger may be misshapen or out of alignment. Other symptoms may include bruising, tenderness, and difficulty moving the finger.


It is important to see a physician if you think you have a fractured finger, even if the pain is minor. The physician will conduct an examination of both hands to determine the extent of the injury and use x-rays to identify the fractures.


In most cases, a splint will be used to straighten the finger and protect it while it heals. Surgery may be required in cases of severe fractures.

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