Talus Fracture

A talus fracture is a broken bone in the ankle. The talus is the main connection between the foot and the leg, and assists with walking on uneven surfaces. When a talus fracture occurs, the ankle loses most of its functionality and will usually require surgery to reset the bones.


Talus fractures are usually the result of severe trauma to the foot, such as a car accident or fall. Athletic activities that put stress on the ankle, such as ice skating and snowboarding, can also cause talus fractures.


When a talus fracture occurs, patients will experience severe ankle pain and swelling. It may be difficult to put weight on the impacted foot. Tenderness is also common at the top of the foot and the front of the ankle. In severe cases, the fracture could break through the skin.


In order to diagnose a talus fracture, a physician will review symptoms and examine the foot and ankle. Some of the factors that may indicate a fracture include swelling, bruising, and inability to move toes. X-rays are also able to identify a broken talus and any bone fragments.


In mild cases, a talus fracture can be treated with a cast or splint, crutches, and physical therapy. In most talus fractures, surgery is recommended because the bones have moved out of alignment.

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