Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release (Lins)

Endoscopic carpal tunnel release (LINS) is used to alleviate numbness and tingling in the fingers caused by pressure on the median nerve. This is an outpatient procedure that results in less pain and faster recovery than traditional surgery.

Why is it done?

Endoscopic carpal tunnel release (LINS) is considered when ongoing symptoms from carpal tunnel syndrome are not alleviated by conservative treatment. Those with severe symptoms (e.g. loss of feeling or use of the fingers and hands) or damage to the median nerve are also good candidates for this procedure.

How does it work?

A thin tube with an attached camera is guided through a small incision at the wrist allowing the doctor to examine the structure of the wrist without opening the entire location. During the procedure, small tools cut the transverse carpal ligament to release pressure on the median nerve and relieve carpal tunnel symptoms

What can I expect?

Most people who have endoscopic carpal tunnel release (LINS) surgery experience few or no symptoms after the procedure. Because the endoscopic surgery only requires a small incision, the recovery period is short. Heavy hand use should be avoided for several weeks following the procedure. Hand rehabilitation therapy will take place during recovery to restore hand and wrist strength. Pain and numbness may be alleviated immediately after surgery, or it may require several months

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