Insight Behavioral Health provides mental health, counseling, and addiction services for children, adolescents, adults, and families at our Flint and Dearborn locations. Our team of integrated health professionals understand the challenges of mental health issues in the communities we serve and are dedicated to treating patients with care, compassion, and respect.


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Flint Main Location

4800 S Saginaw Street
Flint, MI 48507

Dearborn location

5111 Auto Club Dr. Suite 101,
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When to Visit Insight Behavioral Health

Visiting a mental health professional is a proactive step toward improving mental wellbeing and can benefit people in a number of ways. Here are some common reasons to schedule an appointment with Insight Behavioral Health:

  • Mental Health Conditions
  • Emotional Distress
  • Relationship Issues
  • Stress Management
  • Grief and Loss
  • Substance Abuse
  • Trauma & PTSD
  • Life Transitions
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Personal Growth & Wellness

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Insight Behavioral Health team

Omer Abid, MD

Timothy Franke, PsyD., LP

Joseph M. Masternick Jr., D.O.

Nikki Somers MA, TLLP

Dr. Eslam Kersha, DO

Omer Abid, MD


Dr. Omer Abid is a physician board certified in preventive medicine with his residency and MPH in epidemiology from the University of Michigan. He is an EIS (Epidemic Intelligence Service) alumnus from the CDC. Dr. Abid has worked abroad in public health in multiple chronic disease programs for several years mostly in public health programming but he has also published in the peer-review literature. He is currently an Addiction Medicine physician at Insight Institute of Neurosurgery & Neuroscience.

Timothy Franke, PsyD., LP

Clinical Psychologist/Neuropsychologist

Dr. Timothy Franke completed his graduate training in clinical psychology at the Michigan School of Psychology (formerly known as MiSPP) in 2016 with training emphasis on neuropsychological testing and assessment.

Dr. Franke focuses on providing patient-centered care. He has extensive experience in pediatric and adult neuropsychological assessment, as well as assessment and evaluation of emotional/behavioral disorders, neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative disorders, and traumatic brain injuries.

Joseph M. Masternick Jr., D.O.

Addiction Medicine & Family Medicine

Dr. Joseph Masternick graduated from Des Moines University College of Osteopathic Medicine. He completed his post-graduate training at St. John Hospital in Detroit. He is board-certified in addiction medicine and family medicine. He is a Diplomat of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the American Board of Addiction Medicine.

He is a physician evaluator for both the Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) and Health Professional Recovery Program (HPRP) of the state of Michigan. He has served as the medical director of a hospital acute care inpatient substance abuse unit and affiliated ambulatory detoxification program.

He currently serves as a trustee for the American Osteopathic Academy of Addiction Medicine, and he is the medical director of the Wellness Clinic Chemical Dependency Treatment Center, affiliated with our Insight Wellness Center. He is a consultant to Beaumont Health System Chronic Pain Consortium, which is a strategic planning entity aimed at the redesign of the model of care of pain management services of all eight hospitals.

His lifelong goal is to create departments of addiction medicine in every hospital in the country in order to educate physicians to better recognize and treat chemical dependency.

Nikki Somers MA, TLLP

Temporary Limited Licensed Psychologist
Insight Behavioral Health


Undergraduate: University of Michigan-Flint
Graduate School: Michigan School of Psychology

Expertise / Specialties (top 5 things they are interested in)

  1. Grief
  2. Anxiety
  3. Depression
  4. Trauma
  5. Substance Abuse and Addiction

Nikki Somers-Klanseck is a temporary limited licensed psychologist at Insight Behavioral Health, providing psychotherapy, addiction risk assessments, and pre-surgical psychological evaluations under the supervision of Dr. Timothy Franke. Nikki graduated from the University of Michigan-Flint with a bachelor’s degree in clinical and community psychology and Michigan School of Psychology with a master’s degree in clinical psychology. Nikki started working with Insight as a graduate student and was hired by Insight Behavioral Health in September 2021. 

Nikki is passionate about creating an open, safe, and supportive environment for her clients. She focuses on empowerment by identifying an individual’s strengths and acknowledging resiliency. She has experience working with multiple populations in a variety of settings and strives to continue to learn from every individual she works with. During her free time, Nikki enjoys dancing, reading, movies, road-trips, and spending time with her family and friends. 

Dr. Eslam Kersha, DO

Dr. Eslam Kersha is a board-certified psychiatrist specializing in general adult psychiatry at Insight Behavioral Health. With extensive training and a diverse range of experiences, Dr. Kersha is well-rounded and equipped to provide comprehensive care across various psychiatric settings.

Dr. Kersha obtained his medical education at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, where he developed a deep passion for psychiatry and the connection between mind and body. He further enhanced his skills through residency training at Wayne State University and Detroit Medical Center, where he gained a comprehensive understanding of mental health disorders.

Driven by a holistic approach to mental health, Dr. Kersha focuses on identifying the underlying causes of common mental health conditions. He believes in treating the whole person and strives to provide personalized care that addresses both emotional wellbeing and physical health.

With a diverse clinical background, Dr. Kersha has worked in outpatient, emergency, and inpatient psychiatry settings. This breadth of experience enables him to effectively meet the unique needs of his patients and deliver individualized treatment plans.

Dr. Kersha is dedicated to professional growth and actively stays informed about the latest advancements in psychiatry through ongoing education and research. With a compassionate and patient-centered approach, he is committed to supporting individuals on their journey to mental wellness at Insight Behavioral Health.

What to Expect at Insight Behavioral Health

  • Personalized care
  • In-depth knowledge
  • Ability to treat complex mental health problems
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Access to a wide range of specialists – all under one roof
  • Helpful and friendly office staff

Patient Care Second to None

Patient care second to none is Insight’s core value and is at the heart of everything we do. We are driven by a passion to help others and nothing comes before your health and wellbeing.

Get Help Today

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