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We are Insight

At INSIGHT, we believe there is a better way to provide quality healthcare. With a growing team that is dedicated to delivering world-class service to everyone we meet, it is our mission to be the most innovative, ethical, and insightful clinical biomedical technology institution in the world. As we continue to develop and grow in the fields of neuroscience, medicine, and ethics, our mission is guided by the highest levels of leadership development through (E6 I3): Energy, Energizing, Edge, Ethics, Expertise, Execution, Innovation, Insight, Incubation.

We would like to welcome Dr. Justin Schupbach to the Insight team!

Dr. Justin Schupbach is an Orthopedic Sports Surgeon at Insight Orthopedic Specialists. He completed his Orthopedic Sports fellowship at the University of Michigan.

Dr. Schupbach began his medical training at Wayne State University School of Medicine. After medical school. he completed his Orthopedic residency at McGill University.

Dr. Schupbach is a southeast Michigan local who feels strongly about building a connection with his patients that goes beyond the office.

He has a passion for Orthopedic Sports injuries, and he finds it easy to empathize with patients of all ages who have joint injuries and pain.

Dr. Schupbach treats all patients with the utmost care and attention and strongly believes in developing a treatment plan that revolves around the patient's needs and desires.

With the addition of Dr. Schupbach, we are now a full-service Orthopedic department, that can treat any orthopedic ailment.


We Do

As we continue to build a world-class biomedical technology campus with a neuroscience focus that provides innovative medical technology, clinical expertise, research, and ethics in an atmosphere of exceptional patient care, we will remain guided by the highest principles of integrity, leadership, and community stewardship.

OUR CORE VALUES | Execution, Loyalty, Innovation, Synergy, Growth-Oriented, Ethics & Integrity, Love, and Energy

Why Insight

Innovative, comprehensive neurological care and research under one roof


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Community Involvement

“Making strides toward strengthening our city, state, and the neurological health care industry every day.”


Latest IINNovations

When it comes to treating patients and developing medical expertise for worldwide application, there is a need for tremendous insight.

Research is a core focus at Insight as we aim to advance and revolutionize medical research and technology, driven by a passion to help others regardless of any obstacles and challenges that may lie ahead. Our team of medical, research and scientific personnel work together to arrive at innovative and progressive solutions to common and complex medical concerns through comprehensive, creative and persistent methodology.

Insight collaborates and forms joint-ventures with for-profit and non-profit organizations including educational and academic institutions to help accomplish the mission of solving our world’s most complex medical problems. Ultimately all of the work, the ethics, the focus and expertise should translate into betterment for our patients and the community at large.

Latest IINNovations:

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Pharmacological Approaches in Neurofibromatosis Type 1-Associated Nervous System Tumors.
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Acute and Post-Acute Neurological Complications of COVID-19
Published: March 9 2021

Gasserian Ganglion Stimulation for Facial Pain
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Reducing Spread of Infections with a Photocatalytic Reactor—Potential Applications in Control of Hospital Staphylococcus aureus and Clostridioides difficile Infections and Inactivation of RNA Viruses
Published: January 11 2021

A Novel Electromagnetic-Neurobiologic Interface for Functional Animation of Dormant Motor Nerve Roots in Spinal Cord Injury via Neuromodulation
Published January 10 2020.

Online Spotlight: A 5G Sub-6 GHz Switched-Beam Smart Base Station Antenna with an Arbitrary Remote Electric Tilt for Each Beam
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