We are Insight

Patient Care Second to None

Insight is a leading provider of quality, community-based healthcare in the Great Lakes Region. With convenient locations in Flint and Metro Detroit, a full-service hospital and medical center in Chicago, and a rural emergency hospital in Iowa on track to open in 2024, we are committed to transforming healthcare and strengthening communities.

Our multidisciplinary team specializes in a wide range of cutting-edge services, including neurosurgery, minimally invasive procedures, orthopedics & sports medicine, pain management, neuro and trauma rehabilitation, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and behavioral health – all within one organization.

At Insight, patient care second to none is at the core of everything we do. When you visit us, you can expect an accurate diagnosis that identifies the root of the problem and an effective treatment plan that meets your unique needs. From our main campus in Flint to our locations in Warren, Dearborn, and Chicago, our approach is centered on investing in the patients and communities we serve by delivering compassionate care, successful outcomes, and better quality of life.

What We Do

Reimagining Healthcare In Our Communities

Patient well-being comes first at Insight. With highly-skilled specialists and a breadth of comprehensive healthcare services offered under one roof, Insight is uniquely positioned to provide convenient patient-centered care to everyone we see. Our team is proud of our reputation for world class service and the ability to positively impact the quality of life for our neighbors in the communities we serve.

Insight offers a wide range of healthcare services, including advanced surgery, minimally invasive procedures, and coordinated patient care. You can expect the following when you visit Insight:

  • Friendly staff and atmosphere
  • Genuine care for you and interest in your health
  • Willingness to answer your questions
  • Patience to determine the root of your problem
  • Ability to coordinate care and treatments with our team
  • Facilities that offer multiple services in one location
  • Followthrough on patient care and satisfaction

Insight has been recognized for its outstanding contributions to healthcare and community service. Insight has also been named as one of Flint & Genesee’s Top 10 Employers.

Your Health, Our Commitment

World-class neurosurgical expertise

World-class neurosurgical expertise in the following areas: skull base, peripheral nerves, vascular, complex spine, neurotrauma, neuro-oncology, and emergent services. We provide expert care in all areas of neurosurgery and are proud of our outstanding successes over the years that have surpassed literature expectations.

Clinical medicine and delivery of care

Clinical medicine and delivery of care: There is nothing more sacred than the relationship with a patient who is looking for care and comfort. They come to us placing their trust and hopes in our abilities and sincerity. It is our humble approach that we will provide the best service in the world in areas we touch. At times we will be giving them our medical services and also serve as quarterbacks, getting them to where they need to be for advanced treatments. We believe the entire country is our backyard and available to our patients. It is our role to fulfill the trust they put in us.

We have multiple areas of clinical focus, including neurosurgery, orthopedics, podiatry, rehabilitation, psychiatry, psychology, pain management, physical medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy, occupational therapy, cognitive therapy, advanced imaging, neuroradiology, musculoskeletal radiology, internal medicine, hospitalists, primary care, cardiology, vascular surgery, and many other areas of specialty, directly under the Insight umbrella or housed in our facilities through outside groups.

As the clinical practices have grown, our hospital and ambulatory surgical centers, as well as other facilities, have continued to expand. It is part of our core values that we treat all patients, of all backgrounds, with the same care and respect as our families. Care of patients is not simply performing surgery or providing a prescription. It is a holistic approach to addressing them with love, such that they are ultimately uplifted. It is our deepest hope and prayer that we can provide the most outstanding care in the world to our patients.

Research and development

Research and development: Advanced medicine and surgery cannot be delivered without a deep scrutiny into our practices, methodologies, and techniques. This requires research and development. At a granular level, we must refine our understanding and approaches by gathering knowledge and scrutinize the literature and approaches.

We must also contribute to the fields we touch with advanced research that furthers our horizons. We also see our role as merging the cognitive and empirical sciences with philosophy to explore the depth of our understandings. Many mysteries exist when contemplating the brain-mind interface that requires a rudimentary approach to neurosciences, with a deeper examination of the underlying premises of our understanding.

Social good

Social good: As an institution, it is critical we recognize that individuality and collectively, the net result of our presence should include a contribution to the wider society.

Facility growth

Facility growth is a critical part of our mission. As we expand our footprint, we will be able to further our mission. The vast majority of our work is in underserved areas. However, as we have advanced our expertise, our patients and clients come from all over the state, country, and world, leading to enormous growth. 

We have strong relationships with McLaren, Ascension, and Hurley hospitals to continue to advance care in our local hospitals. We see ourselves as an important component in the ecosystem of care needed in any community. Partnerships with surrounding health facilities, respecting and enhancing their work, is critical to taking care of our wider audience.

Innovation and incubation

Innovation and incubation has led to us developing full-fledged divisions and companies under the Insight banner. It is exciting to see such ideas move through the arc of innovation and ultimately exist for the benefit of society. We see ourselves as an incubator for clinical medicine, business development, and social good.


At Insight, we are dedicated to transformation and impact. Our mission is to deliver compassionate, world-class care to every patient who comes through our doors. As stewards of holistic health, Insight is committed to seeing our community flourish through increased access, empowerment, and wellness.


We will develop and grow an institution focused primarily on neurosciences, medicine, and ethics. Our mission will be guided by the highest principles of leadership development: E^6 I^3. We will serve America and the World through our efforts.
E (Energy, Energizing, Edge, Execution, Ethics, Expertise) I (Innovative, Insightful, Incubation) Patient Care Second to None


Love, Energy, Execution, Loyalty, Innovation, Adaptability, Ethics and Integrity, Teamwork