Glenoid Labrum Tear

A glenoid labrum tear, also known as a shoulder joint tear, is a common shoulder injury that affects the thick band of tissue that acts as a cushion around the shoulder socket. This band also keeps the shoulder from slipping.


Glenoid labrum tears usually occur when the shoulder experiences a hard impact from falling on an outstretched arm, a sports accident, or repetitive shoulder motion. It can even happen after lifting a heavy object.


Shoulder joint tears are very painful, especially when attempting overhead activities. The shoulder will often grind, pop, or feel like it is locking up. It may also feel unstable or difficult to move. Additionally, a loss of strength and pain at night or with daily activities will impact use of the shoulder.


Symptoms of glenoid labrum tears are similar to those of other shoulder injuries, so physicians will closely assess symptoms, range of motion, and stability. Although x-rays will not indicate damage to soft tissue, they may be used to rule out other conditions.


Rest, anti-inflammatory medications, and physical therapy are usually effective in treating shoulder joint tears and strengthening the rotator cuff muscles. If conservative treatments are ineffective, surgery may be required.

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