Loose Bodies in the Hipe

Loose bodies in the hip are fragments of bone or cartilage that break away and move around in the joint. Loose bodies in the hip joint are typically found in active and older people. In most cases, loose bodies result in minor symptoms. However, some people experience pain and a catching sensation in the hip when walking.


Loose bodies in the hip are mostly caused by a traumatic injury. Wear and tear from daily activities or repetitive use are other factors. It can be more common in those with arthritis or other conditions that weaken the bone.


Loose bodies in the hip are often described as feeling like a pebble is caught in the joint. Sharp pain is commonly associated with this condition, as well as a catching sensation when walking or moving the hip. Stiffness and loss of motion are other common symptoms.


Because loose bodies in the hip are often the result of an injury, physicians will evaluate symptoms and medical history before diagnosing the condition. X-rays and MRIs may also be used to identify fragments and other damage in the hip.


Although loose bodies will not go away on their own, medications and physical therapy can be effective in treating mild symptoms. If loose bodies are causing pain and impacting range of motion, surgery may be recommended.

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