Tibial Spine Fracture

Tibial spine fractures occur at the center of the knee, between the cushions of cartilage called menisci. This type of fracture is rare and usually is the result of a high-impact injury from a car accident or fall. It is also more common in children who are not fully developed, although anyone can experience a tibial spine fracture.


Hyperextension of the knee, which is when the knee extends beyond its normal range, is the most common cause of a tibial spine fracture. Stress from high-intensity activity or a significant impact to the bone are usually the primary causes. Bones that are already compromised or weakened are more likely to be affected.


Pain at the front or center of the knee is the primary symptom of a tibial spine fracture. Swelling, bruising, weakness, and inability to put weight on the leg are also common symptoms.


Physicians will conduct a thorough exam of the knee, including an assessment of symptoms and medical history, to diagnose a tibial spine fracture. Range of motion, bruising, swelling, and wounds are all factors that will be considered. X-rays or other imaging tests may be used to identify a fractured tibial spine.


Treatment options vary depending on the severity of the injury. Rest, knee bracing, and medications may be effective in minor cases. In severe fractures where the bone has shifted out of place, surgery may be required.

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