Intra-articular Knee Joint Injection

Intra-articular knee joint injection is an outpatient procedure designed to treat inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. Although this procedure treats symptoms of arthritis, it does not change the progression of the disease. Treatments typically last from a few weeks to six months. 

Step One

Before the procedure, the physician will sterilize the knee and inject a numbing medication. 

Step Two

In order to ensure the injection is reaching the target area in the space inside the joint, a special x-ray device called a fluoroscope will be used together with an injection dye. If the dye collects inside the soft tissue in the front of the knee, the physician will adjust the needle’s location. Once the dye reaches the target area, the physician will inject the medication. 

Step Three

Following the procedure, the local anesthetic and steroid solution will reduce inflammation and pain within 24-48 hours. Injections are effective for up to six months and can be repeated if necessary.