Sacroiliac Joint Injections

Sacroiliac joint injection is a procedure that treats lower back pain caused by arthritis in the sacroiliac joint. The sacroiliac joint is located where the spine connects to the pelvis and can also lead to pain in the buttock and hip. The injection is a steroid medication that reduces inflammation and swelling in the joint.

Step One

Before the procedure, the patient will lie face down on an x-ray table. A cushion will be placed under the stomach for comfort and to arch the back. Sedation may be used to help the patient relax. An x-ray device called a fluoroscope will be used to locate the sacroiliac joint. 

Step Two

The physician will numb the skin near the sacroiliac joint before inserting the needle. The needle will then enter the anesthetized track and proceed into the sacroiliac joint, where a combination of steroids and anesthetics are injected into the painful area. 

Step Three

After the procedure, the needle is removed and a bandage will be applied over the injection area. Patients will be monitored for up to 30 minutes after the procedure. Soreness after the injection is common and it may take up to a week for the medicine to begin reducing pain. The patient and physician will discuss what to expect and a plan for future pain treatment, if necessary.