Intra-articular Hip Joint Injection

Intra-articular hip joint injection is a steroid injection into the hip joint. This outpatient procedure relieves hip, leg, and buttock pain caused by arthritis and other damage to the hip joint. 

Step One
Before the procedure begins, the patient will lie down and the targeted area of the hip will be cleaned and sterilized. A local anesthetic will then be injected to numb tissue at the site. 

Step Two
In order to insert the needle, an x-ray device called a fluoroscope will be used to guide the needle to the hip joint. A contrast dye will then be injected to identify the needle’s position. The injection is a combination of anesthetic and steroid medication that is designed to relieve inflammation and pain. 

Step Three
After the injection is complete, the needle is removed slowly and a bandage will be placed over the injection site. Pain relief may not be experienced until two or three days after the injection. Depending on the severity of pain, the procedure may be repeated up to three times.