TMJ Injections

A TMJ injection is a corticosteroid shot into the temporomandibular joint (jaw joint). TMJ injections are effective in reducing inflammation and pain related to chewing, talking, yawning, and other mouth movements. Chronic jaw pain can also be treated with TMJ injections. 

Step One

The TMJ injection is a procedure that can be performed at an outpatient office visit. A local anesthetic will be administered, followed by a corticosteroid injection to the joint. There are a variety of steroids that may be used, and each has varying levels of duration and effectiveness. Once completed, a contrast dye will be injected to observe how the joint is being treated. 

Step Two

To increase mobility, the jaw is manually mobilized (stretched open slowly). Before leaving, the patient will learn a series of self-stretching exercises that should be practiced at home.

Step Three

Patients should notice improvement shortly after receiving a TMJ injection. Most treatments are effective for up to six weeks.