Ganglion Impar Blocks

A ganglion impar block is an injection that eases pain in the lower pelvis and groin caused by damage to organs in these areas. This outpatient procedure is often used to control pain from vaginal, scrotal, rectal, and bladder cancers, as well as pain in the tailbone. 

Step One

Before the procedure begins, patients will lie on the stomach and receive sedation for relaxation. The location of the injection will then be cleaned and numbed.

Step Two

A needle is inserted into the area between the tailbone and buttocks. An x-ray device called a fluoroscope may be used to help guide the needle, and a small amount of contrast dye will ensure the needle is in the right location. The medication, which varies depending on the condition and type of pain, will then be injected through the needle. In some cases, another medication will be used to temporarily damage the nerves to block pain signals. 

Step Three

Once the injection is complete, the needle is removed slowly and the injection site will be bandaged. Patients are usually monitored for up to one hour before leaving. Patients should not drive or participate in strenuous activities for the rest of the day. Most people feel pain relief soon after the procedure.