Subdural Hematoma


This is a buildup of clotted blood beneath the dura. That’s a membrane that covers your brain. The blood can press harmfully against your brain.


This type of hematoma is often caused by a violent blow to your head that stretches and tears blood vessels around your brain. The blood vessels leak, letting blood pool against the brain. A hematoma can also happen even without a head injury if a weak artery in your head bursts.


If your hematoma is small, you may not notice any symptoms. But a large clot can cause headaches, weakness and nausea. It can cause problems with vision, speech, and confusion. You may have seizures. You may lose consciousness. This can be fatal.


An acute subdural hematoma is an emergency condition. You need to be treated quickly to prevent permanent damage. Your healthcare provider can create a plan that is right for you.