Intrathecal Pain Pump Implant


This is a device put inside your body to relieve long-lasting pain. It sends medicine into an area around your spinal cord. We call this the “intrathecal space.” The medicine blocks pain signals. It can work even when other treatments don’t.


Before your pump is implanted, we need to see if a pump can control your pain. We do this with a trial implant. During the trial procedure, we numb your skin. Then, we insert a catheter into the intrathecal space. The catheter is connected to a temporary pump. You’ll use this system for several days. If it relieves your pain, we can implant the permanent pump.


For this surgery, you’re given medicine to put you to sleep. We remove the trial catheter. Then, through a small incision in your skin, we place the permanent catheter. One end is placed in the intrathecal space. The other end goes under your skin, around your body to your abdomen.


Now we’re ready to place the pump. We make an incision in your abdomen, and create a space under your skin to hold the pump. We attach the pump to the catheter. Then, we place the pump inside you and close the incision. The pump is programmed with a wireless controller.


When the surgery is finished, you’re watched in a recovery room. Then, you can go home. Follow your doctor’s plan for a safe recovery. You’ll come back for regular visits so we can check the device and refill the medicine in your pump.