This is a slow down or blockage of the blood thatnormally flows to part of your brain. When it happens, your brain cells donโ€™t get the oxygen and nutrients they need. Within minutes, they begin to die.


Why does it happen? Well, sometimes a stroke iscaused by a blood clot trapped in a blood vessel inor near your brain. A clot may form when vessels are narrowed by plaque buildup. Or, a clot can travel to your brain from another part of your body. But not all strokes are caused by blood clots. You can also have a stroke if a blood vessel begins to leak in your brain, or into the space around it.


A stroke can cause serious symptoms, and thesesymptoms can happen suddenly. You may have aheadache and nausea. Your vision may blur. One side of your face or body may become weak or numb. Part of your face may droop. You may not be able to lift one arm. You may be dizzy, and unable to walk. You may become confused, and have trouble speaking or understanding words.


A stroke is a medical emergency. Anyone who ishaving a stroke needs to get medical care as fastas possible. Your doctor will create a care plan thatโ€™s right for you.