Sacroiliac Joint Fusion


If you have a painful damaged or diseased sacroiliac joint (we call it the “SI” joint), a fusion may help. With the Rialto SI Fusion System, your surgeon uses titanium implants to join your hip’s ilium bone to the spine’s sacrum. This may relieve pain associated with SI joint dysfunction or SI joint disease.


To begin, you are given medicine to put you to sleep or to block sensation in your SI joint. You’re positioned face down. The surgeon makes a small opening in your skin. With the help of a video x-ray device called a “fluoroscope,” a guide pin is placed across your SI joint. The surgeon uses an approach that minimizes contact with your muscles.


While protecting your soft tissues, the surgeon carefully drills a channel along the pin. It passes into the ilium, through the SI joint and into the sacrum. A Rialto implant is inserted, locking these bones together. One, two or three implants will be needed to stabilize your joint. Over time, new bone will grow on and around the implants and across the joint, creating a solid fusion.


When the procedure is done, you are monitored. You may be allowed to go home or you may stay overnight, depending on your needs. Your doctor will give you instructions to help your recovery.