Aquatic Pool Therapy

Aquatic Pool Therapy Is a Popular and Effective Alternative to Traditional Land-Based Treatments 

At Insight Comprehensive Therapy, not all therapeutic recovery occurs on land. For patients with weight-bearing restrictions, back problems, strokes, or hip/knee replacements, the aquatic therapy pool may be the easiest way to start rehabilitation. 

It has been proven medically that the sooner therapy starts, the better the outcome. In an almost weightless therapy setting, patients get their muscles and joints moving while feeling less stiffness and pain. In joint replacement, for example, a physician may restrict the weight that should be placed on the new hip or knee. In some cases, it may be as little as ten percent. However, in chest-deep water, the body weighs only ten percent of what it does on the ground. Range of motion, flexibility, and movement are much easier in the therapeutic pool. We also have the ability to adjust the pool’s water current to provide resistance during exercise. 

The pool’s depth can be changed to meet each patient’s needs. It is small enough for a therapist to be at arm’s reach of a patient during therapy and shallow enough that non-swimmers can cast away their fear. Water temperature is a soothing 95 degrees, which reduces muscle spasms and tension. Plus, patients with limitations can be lowered into the pool by chair lift. 

Back patients often find it painful to exercise in the gym, but pressure on their lower back muscles is relieved in the water. Pool therapy can also help stroke patients restore normal gait while strengthening leg muscles. Our patients say that they gain flexibility and muscle strength faster in the pool than they have previously experienced in the gym. 

Why Choose Aquatic Therapy? 

  • Flexible exercise options
  • Appropriate for all ages and levels of fitness
  • Warm water soothes muscles
  • Water eliminates joint strain 
  • Water provides gentle resistance while supporting the body

Whether in water or on land, physical rehabilitation is all about getting the job done and moving on with life. However, as with all medical rehabilitation outpatient therapies, a doctor’s prescription is required. For more information on aquatic pool therapy, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Under the supervision of a licensed therapist, Insight creates a plan of care specific to your needs in order to get patient’s healthy through a variety of stretches and exercises. Aquatic Therapy is recommended to help patients manage their symptoms in a low impact, low stress, and safe environment.

Benefits Include:

  • Increase muscle strength
  • Lowers fall risk
  • Reduced joint stress
  • Reduces swelling
  • Improves balance

Pool Dimensions

Diameter: 75 ft. x 23 ft.

Depth: 3.5 ft. – 5 ft.

How Can We Help You?

At Insight, we strive to be available for our patients and make healthcare as simple and seamless as we can. If you have questions, need additional information, or would like to schedule an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help!