Insight Urgent Care – If you experience an accident or injury while at work, need a physical before starting a new job, or require regular drug and alcohol screenings, did you know you may be able to get affordable and convenient care from your local urgent care clinic? In order to better serve their communities and fill a gap between primary care physicians and emergency rooms, many healthcare providers are starting to integrate occupational medicine services into their urgent care practices. Although an urgent care setting is not able to address every aspect of occupational medicine, they are an excellent resource for diagnosing, treating, and preventing work-related injuries and illnesses. Here are five reasons to visit an urgent care and occupational medicine clinic, including the services occupational medicine clinics offer and how to determine if urgent care or emergency care is the right choice.

When Should I Seek Occupational Medicine Urgent Care Services?

Occupational medicine urgent care clinics provide comprehensive care and prevention for most work-related injuries and illnesses, as well as health screenings and other services. But how do you know when to visit an occupational medicine specialist? In most cases, your employer has protocols in place that determine if you require occupational medicine services for illnesses or injuries sustained while working. If your condition is life-threatening, it is important to seek emergency care immediately. However, for mild to moderate illnesses or injuries, occupational medicine urgent care is usually the best option.

Go To An Occupational Urgent Care Clinic for:

Go to an Occupational Urgent Care Clinic for

  1. Cuts or Lacerations
  2. Minor Accidents or Falls
  3. Minor Broken Bones or Burns
  4. Physicals and Screenings
  5. Sprains and Strains

Go To An Emergency Room for:

Go to an Emergency Room for

  1. Back or Neck Injuries
  2. Chest Pain or Breathing Problems
  3. Dizziness or Loss of Consciousness
  4. Deep Lacerations
  5. Exposure to Hazardous Materials
  6. Persistent Vomiting
  7. Severe Bleeding

5 Reasons To Visit An Occupational Medicine Urgent Care Clinic

1) You Are Involved In A Work-Related Accident

Although both employers and employees go to great lengths to implement standards and protocols that prioritize safety, accidents still happen. In the event of a work-related injury, most occupational medicine urgent care clinics are well-equipped to provide the treatment and expertise you need to return to work safely and as soon as possible. Common workplace injuries that can be treated at most clinics include broken bones, cuts or lacerations, sprains or strains, and exposure to potentially harmful contaminants. Occupational medicine specialists are also highly experienced in helping employees maintain proper documentation and navigate through the complexities of workers’ compensation cases.

5 Reasons To Visit An Occupational Medicine Urgent Care Clinic

2) Your Job Requires Physicals & Screenings

Certain professions such as truck drivers, emergency responders, and other highly intensive work require physicals and drug/alcohol screenings prior to starting a new job, and periodically during your employment. This is to ensure you are the right candidate for the position and physically capable of performing the tasks required for your job. Urgent care clinics specializing in occupational medicine offer a variety of these services, including DOT certification screenings, respirator exams, fit testing, and OSHA-required physical exams.

3) You Need Fast, Convenient Service

Most occupational medicine urgent care centres offer the same services you would receive from your primary care physician or an emergency room at convenient locations with minimal wait times. At critical care clinics, there is no need to make appointments for health screenings/physicals, injury care, x-rays and lab work, drug and alcohol screenings, post-accident/return to work screenings, and other services. Urgent care hours are also more convenient, with many locations offering walk-in services and extended hours every day of the year.

4) Staffed By Occupational Medicine Specialists

Getting injured or experiencing an illness on the job is a serious issue that requires proper care. When you visit an occupational medicine urgent care clinic, you can expect to be seen by a healthcare team that specializes in occupational healthcare and is in compliance with most employer requirements. Board-certified physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants work in urgent care clinics. Other specialists such as orthopedic doctors and lab technicians may also be on site. Staff at these clinics are also knowledgeable about workers’ compensation, handling compensation claims, and coordinating with your employer and other healthcare providers.

illness on the job

5) You Are Looking For An Affordable Alternative

When you need fast care, your first thought might be to visit an emergency room. However, occupational medicine urgent care clinics offer many of the same services as an emergency room at a fraction of the cost. According to recent research from UnitedHealth Group, as many as two-thirds of the nation’s 27 million annual ER visits could be avoided. These visits not only place an unnecessary burden on local emergency services, but they also cost Americans an extra $32 billion dollars each year. For most workers, time is also money, and lost productivity from an unnecessary ER visit could add up. The average wait time in an emergency room is four hours, compared to about 30 minutes at an urgent care clinic. Take time to learn about your local urgent care clinic’s services and know where to go if you ever experience an on-the-job injury or need physicals and screenings.

Urgent care and occupational medicine clinics are an excellent resource, providing many of the same services you will find at a primary care physician or an emergency room without the cost or hassle of working around your schedule. With no need for referrals or appointments, convenient locations in most communities, and access to highly-trained healthcare professionals specializing in occupational health, urgent care facilities are changing the way employers and employees are thinking about health in the workplace. For more information about urgent care and occupational medicine services at Insight, contact Insight Urgent Care in Flint, Michigan today.

You are Looking for an Affordable Alternative

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need an appointment for an urgent care visit?

A: No. Most urgent care clinics offer walk-in service during normal business hours and do not require an appointment.

Q: How long is the wait time at an urgent care clinic?

A: Depending on the number of people waiting and the severity of your condition, wait times at most urgent care clinics range from a few minutes to an hour or more. However, the average walk-in wait time at an urgent care clinic is less than 30 minutes.

Q: Does insurance cover urgent care visits?

A: Most insurance plans cover urgent care visits. If you are unsure if your insurance covers urgent care, it’s a good idea to review your health plan information or call ahead to confirm your coverage.