Written By Ashim Wadehra | Edited By: Mel Quist

Bunions can be a very painful condition where a bump forms on the big toe joint. Fortunately, Insight Orthopedics & Sports Medicine offers advanced minimally invasive options for bunion surgery.

Traditionally, there are several bunion surgery methods in which a long incision is made to correct the deformity. After surgery, patients are required to stay off their feet for extended periods of time to allow healing to occur. Many patients will also experience long-lasting swelling that can create inconveniences for the patient, especially when returning to regular shoe gear.

Patients often come to Insight with stories of friends having painful bunion surgery 20 years ago and being kept off of their feet for three months in a cast. However, with great advances in surgical technology, we can perform foot surgery with minimal or no incisions.

How is this possible? We are able to make very tiny poke holes to remove the bunion. The bunion is then held over with screws or a very small plate. Patients can walk on day one and there are no sutures to be removed. There is also minimal swelling, which means patients can resume wearing their favorite shoes fairly quickly and pain free.

The pictures above show a foot before and after having the bunion fixed through a minimally invasive approach. This patient was able to walk on the day of the procedure with no sutures to be removed, no pain, and no swelling. However, best of all, she was back to her normal shoes in less than a month.

Insight is pushing the boundaries with foot and ankle surgery. We also offer minimally invasive procedures for other foot and ankle ailments such as hammer toe deformities (toes are bent and rub against shoes), flatfoot surgery (no arch), and many other conditions.

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