Insight is not only a name. Insight is about having the intrinsic drive and perceptiveness required to drive the future of the neuroscience industry forward. It’s also what’s required to truly give one’s best when it comes to compassionate patient care.

No one understands the mission of Insight more than Founder and CEO Dr. Jawad Shah.

As Dr. Shah describes it, Insight is about two separate elements:

  • Power or act of seeing into a situation
  • The act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things or of seeing intuitively

“When it comes to neurosurgery in particular and life in general, there is tremendous need for having deep Insight – seeing with more than one’s physical sight to try and understand and penetrate the situation such that one can advance in their thinking,” Dr. Shah said. “When it comes to treating patients and developing medical expertise for worldwide application, there is a need for tremendous Insight.”

The Bedrock of Insight

Dr. Shah said that Insight was established around four specific pillars, which he describes as the bedrock of the institution:

  1. One is to provide clinical expertise in the areas of medicine which we choose to attack and in particular the neurosciences.
  2. Another is to be involved at an academic level so that the insights that are gleaned can be shared with others; they can be replicated in other forms and perhaps be the basis for further thought and research.
  3. Insight strongly believes in the social component that medicine can provide to a community in terms of advocating not only for medical health and well being, but also social and economic well-being.

“We believe that as an institution we should be contributing to the milieu of solutions to the variety of ailments that are affecting the city, the state, and the country and the world in general,” Dr. Shah said. “As the institution grows, I very strongly believe it cannot simply be focused on medical issues, but to aid in the betterment of our community and neighbors is a critical part of the personality.”

  1. Finally, Insight should be a solvent organization which is able to stand on its own feet, and it is built to last.

“Ultimately all of the work, the ethics, the focus, and expertise should translate into the betterment, specifically for our patients, but also for the community at large,” he said.

Why Insight

Insight fulfills the need of high-level neuro-scientific and neurosurgical clinical care along with other areas of expertise that are needed to supplement that primary purpose. He said he hopes their work can resolve real-time problems that have yet to be cured at a clinical level across the world.

“We also are hopefully helping with the social problems and issues that have engulfed our country and world,” he said.

Insight is unique in the industry for many reasons. Insight focuses primarily on putting patient care above all else, and the team strives to make this happen every day.

“While many systems have this type of motto, I believe we have truly put it into practice,” Dr. Shah said. “As a part of our approach, we believe we have exceptional expertise in the areas of medicine that we have chosen, but we have no hesitation in being the triage point to other areas of expertise.

“We have the blessing in this country of having multiple centers across the country that have niche specialties that can be utilized in helping our patients. I do not believe as a team we should have the patients be responsible for doing the research to ultimately decide what the best location is for their particular ailment or treatment.”

Physicians who work with Insight or come to Insight appreciate the fact that their patients can not only receive surgical care, but also psychological and emotional support.

Dr. Shah discusses the idea that the Hippocratic oath is a core value of individuals going through medical training.

“If as a system we can make such sentiments come into full fruition, I believe we would all be proud of what we have been able to do for those around us,” he said. “This is something that I believe is very real and lives within the walls of Insight, in terms of the attitude of our team.

“I would also note that as a system we pride ourselves on academic, scientific, and clinical work as well as being financially solvent and stable. We would love to see a situation where all of these elements exist, and we believe that there are a very few practices across the country that are able to compete with us in all these elements.”

The Future of Insight

According to Dr. Shah, the future of Insight has no limits.

Insight’s capacity has increased tremendously in terms of its ability to take care of patients and provide expert-level guidance in stroke, brain tumors,  stereotactic radiosurgery, proton beam, vascular access, specialty orthopedics, pain management, neuroscientific research with radiology, and brain and spinal cord injury.

Insight’s academic involvement in areas such as product development and work toward cures for serious illnesses has also expanded with its research department, as well as Insight’s social involvement with the surrounding community.

“I am humbled to think how far we have come, but very much believe that the future holds tremendous expansion for us at all of these levels,” Dr. Shah said.

The Highest Element of Insight’s Core Values

Love. That’s what it’s all about.

“Love is something which often is spoken about in a cliche-type manner, but I believe love is what should be the ultimate underlying core value that defines us,” Dr. Shah said. “When one loves something, they do not need rules and regulations to help define what the best approach is.

“Whether that be how one does surgeries or research, refines the skills, speaks to patients, the passion that comes with coming to the job – all of those elements require little instruction when they are driven by love.”