For athletes, your body is your investment. However, your body is put under a lot of stress which can result in various injuries. Physical therapy and surgery are the most common options to treating injuries and managing the pain. In recent years, stem cell therapy has surfaced and been the focus of both studies and treatment.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells differ from any other human cells because they have the ability to divide and replicate themselves; and even develop into a different kind of cell with a specific function, as needed by the body. For this reason, stem cells adapt to meet a certain need when placed in a specific area in the body.

With those traits, stem cells are geared to treat sports injuries. Injured athletes can now hope for a quicker and more effective road to recovery. For this reason, stem cells adapt to meet a certain need when placed in a specific area in the body.

Top 3 Benefits Of Stem Cell Therapy For Sport Injuries

  1. Reduce injury inflammation to help avoid future inflammation
    One capability of the stem cell is their ability to reduce inflammation. Stem cell therapy does not only ease the pain, but quickly reduces joint inflammation.
  2. Faster healing and recovery
    Recovery is usually the longest and most taxing part of any surgery.  sports medicine, one of the primary goals is to get athletes back on the field or court. They need to heal and regain their strength to play again. With stem cell treatment, the healing and recovery process is substantially faster than compared to surgery. Patients are typically back to normal activity within a week instead of months
  3. Regeneration of injured tissue
    With the help of stem cell therapy, damaged tissues can steadily regenerate. This makes the stem cells extremely useful for tendon tears and regenerating new cartilage which is essential to sports injuries and recovery.

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