The Insight Grand Round Lecture Series features monthly lectures given by health care professionals. View our past videos, and mark the dates of our upcoming lectures on your calendars to be a part of the vision.

Grand Rounds Video Lecture Series | Epidural Fibrosis

Grand Rounds Video Lecture Series | HF10 Therapy and Recent Advances in Spinal Cord Stimulation

February 2020 | "Suboxone: Miracle for Surviving, Tool for Controlling Addiction" by Omer Abid

March 2020 | "Occupational Therapy and Therapeutic Use of Self" by Rachel Malouf

Nov 2020 | Evaluating Serum from Covid-19 Patients for Psychotomimetic Autoantibodies by Kevin Jones

January 2019 | "Patient Centered Medical Home" by Molly Brennan

March 2019 | "A Brief Introduction to Clinical Neuropsychology" by Timothy Franke

une 2019 | "Speech-Language Pathology: More than Words" by Sally Jakeway
May 2019 | "Manipulation Under Anesthesia." by Keith Denning

July 2019 | "Sensory Integrative Therapy in Children" by Rachel Sullivant

August 2019 | "Puradigm Zone, an alternative way...a case study" by Leela Paladugu

December 2019 | "Toxins: The Cause of Chronic Illness, Pain & Disease" by Kimberly Williams

January 2018 | "Pain and How It Relates to the Chiropractic Adjustment" by Rachel Sullivant

February 2018 | "Dry Needling in the Treatment of Myofascial Pain" by Erica Hammond

March 2018 | "Acupuncture" by Ramie Yelle
April 2018 | "Coflex Interlaminar Stabilization" by Randy Kritzer

May 2018 | "Current State of Evidence: Exoskeletons After Spinal Cord Injury" by Zachary Waugh

June 2018 | "Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-Cell Therapy for Glioblastoma" by Richard Smith

July 2018 | "Eczedone" by Zaid Siddiqui

August 2018 | "Memory T-Cells: Safety in Diversity" by Richard Smith

September 2018 | "Treating Big Problems with Small Things: Biomedical..." by Ronald J. Tackett
October 2018 | "The Migraine Disconnection" by Dr. Rachel Sullivant

November 2018 | "Controlled Substance Prescribing Update" by Rachel Sczepanski

December 2018 | "Puradigm" by Richard Smith