Patient Appointment

New Patient

To make an appointment for the first time, request your primary care provider or referring provider to contact our office.  You may need a referral from your primary care if your insurance requires one.

Established Patient

Routine follow up visits are scheduled at the time of your last appointment but if you need to change or schedule a follow up appointment, please call your physician’s office.


Tel:  (810) 732-8336

Insight Pain Management

Tel:  (810) 275-9152

Insight Imaging

(810) 275-9688

Orthopedic Surgery

Tel:  (313) 749-0370

Tel:  (810)275-9610

Insight Physical Therapy & Neuro - Rehab Center

Tel:  (810) 275-9610

Insight Neuro Chiropractic Center

Tel:  (810) 275-9366