The IINNTENNA is a next-generation antenna technology that is changing the global RF landscape and bringing telecommunications into the future. Our chief antenna scientist, Dr. Mohamed S. Sanad, changed the world’s telecommunications trajectory at Nokia in 1994, leading the invention of the first internally embedded mobile phone antennas.

Hoping to change the problematic direction of antenna technology growing in size and weight without delivering more efficient signals, Dr. Sanad dedicated the past 15 years to create what we now know as the IINNTENNA. 

With decades of experience, a passion for revolutionary antenna advancement, and his innate concern for humanity at large, Dr. Sanad’s work has tackled even more problems than he initially intended to solve. This technology’s broadband, far-reaching capabilities are vast, eliminating the need for multiple towers in any given area, positively impacting the global landscape, minimizing deforestation, and significantly reducing exposure to radiation from the daily use of our wireless devices. 

The IINNTENNA’s features can be used with almost any technology, including all LTE, WiFi, and Bluetooth devices, which could lead to a positive chain reaction that will take us into a more health-conscious and environmentally friendly future for all technological advancement. With the wide-scale integration of this technology, we will also experience a global impact with increased upload/download speeds, reduced SAR and PIM values in active antenna technologies, and worldwide connectivity extending to aircraft and space technology.




We believe there is a better approach to antenna technology. A revolutionary, less invasive way that takes the RF landscape into the future with advanced performance, features, and design. We’re passionate about making the world a better place and our mission is to deliver next-generation eco-friendly telecommunications that make a real impact in every device. 


It is IINNTENNA’s vision to connect every corner of the world while taking care of our Earth and all who call it home.

We are committed to positively impacting the lives of all people through technological advancement and our efforts to keep the planet clean and green. Our antennas can be manufactured using 3D printers, decreasing the need for heavy manufacturing and excessive energy consumption. We work hard to keep our carbon footprint to an absolute minimum while promoting technology that will be kinder to the environment today and in the long term.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing

The applications of our technology are limitless and we hope to change the global landscape as we, quite literally, reach for the stars. From IoT terminals and mobile handsets to satellites, earth stations, and aircraft or space shuttles, the IINNTENNA can be used in a wide range of industries.

With its cross-functional nature, the IINNTENNA can be used in biomedical fields as well, showing promising work in detecting and treating brain and breast cancers. With ongoing research into the vast multitude of applications, we cannot even deem the sky the limit for this revolutionary advancement in antenna technology.

The sky isn’t even the limit for applications

One of the many issues with modern antennae and RF technology is that advancements have been made with disregard to the Earth’s health and the health of those who call it home. Far too many cell towers are being built to keep up with the ever-evolving telecom industry. It is not uncommon to see entire forests removed from areas where cell towers are needed because the speed and accuracy of traditional radio frequencies are greatly impeded by foliage.

Today, you will find multiple base stations on most streets. Not only are they expensive and impractical, but the mounting process has led to multiple deaths in the U.S. — a trend that will only increase with the rollout of 5G.

The IINNTENNA prioritizes environmental concerns with its increased speeds, accuracy, small size, decreased radio emissions, and the ability to work in otherwise unreachable service areas. With small base stations that work at high speeds, we will be able to decrease the number of cell towers being erected, decrease deforestation, and safely increase connectivity on a global scale.

Decluttering the global landscape

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Dr. Mohamed Sanad

Inventor of IINNTENNA

Dr. Sanad is a professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. He was also an adjunct professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno, USA. He has founded “Amant Antennas” in Reno, Nevada, USA and then he moved it to Egypt. Dr. Sanad got his Ph.D. degrees from the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Manitoba, Canada. He filed more than 30 patents in the USA and worldwide and published more than 80 antenna papers.

Meet the IINNtenna Team

Mohamed Sanad Ph.D.


Dr. Sanad is a professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. He was also an adjunct professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno, USA. He has founded “Amant Antennas” in Reno, Nevada, USA and then he moved it to Egypt. Dr. Sanad got his Ph.D. degrees from the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Manitoba, Canada. He filed more than 30 patents in the USA and worldwide and published more than 80 antenna papers.

Jawad Shah, President

Dr. Jawad Shah studied at McGill University in Montreal and the University of Manitoba prior to completing medical school at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada, where he was also raised.

He began Ph.D. work in psychoneuroimmunology prior to embarking on specialty training in neurosurgery. He completed subspecialty fellowship training in skull base neurosurgery at the University of Arkansas. His areas of specialty include brain stem surgery, vascular neurosurgery, brain tumors, complex spine, and neuromodulation. He currently practices at McLaren, Hurley, and Genesys Hospitals.

He is involved in extensive research projects including clinical, patent work, biological/mechanical, and electrical product development, industry-sponsored studies, and theoretical philosophy, among other areas. He is a faculty member at the Michigan State University Medical School. He also is Co-Director of the Center for Cognition and Neuroethics, jointly administered by the University of Michigan and Insight.

Dr. Shah has lived in Flint, Michigan, with his wife and children since the fall of 2003. When he is not working, he is constantly thinking of ways to better the community. He also enjoys snowboarding, fishing, scuba diving, traveling, and reading.

Dr. Shah’s many philanthropic efforts stem from his sincere desire to help others, and his mentality is the reason why Insight has consistently grown over the years. His vision is to selflessly give back by immersing himself in the community, and his philosophy and purpose sets the tone for Insight’s character and mission.

In fact, the inspiration for Insight’s Healing Center came as a result of Dr. Shah’s generosity and vision. The first patient came in seeking help, and was given it free of charge. The Healing Center was developed soon afterward.

One of the organizations he has supported and assisted is the Sylvester Broome Empowerment Village in Flint, where he currently serves on the Board of Directors. The Broome center’s goal is to invest in youths in order to empower them to become leaders. Its programs and services include a summer day camp, a SKY after-school academic program, and a School of Champions athletic program, as well as youth journalism, music, and adult literacy programs. With his guidance, the location became one of the first water distribution sites after the Flint water crisis.

Another project special to him is the Chelsea Project, a medical research project involving manipulating the spinal cord in order to enable patients to move, which other hospitals refused to take on due to the associated costs.

His personal mission is to be an agent for social and economic growth in Flint through various research and education programs and nonprofit involvement.

According to Dr. Shah, Insight does not allow the dollar deter them from their initiatives for social good, medical research, and medical advancements. The overarching goal and concept behind Insight is to help patients regardless of the economic scenario. No matter where a patient is in his or her life, Insight will be there.

Atiq Nakrawala, Vice President of Finance

Atif Bawahab, Vice President of Business Strategy

Atif Bawahab is the Vice President of Business Strategy with success in identifying and developing strategic relationships with potential clients and partners. Atif handles all business development opportunities and activities within IINN and has been in the company since 2012. A strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace, Atif is always looking to grow Insight and be an advocate for the patients and employees he serves. Atif received his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and Masters in Healthcare Administration (MHA) from the University of Minnesota. Prior to that, he graduated with a Bachelors in Business Economics from Texas A&M University. Atif is happily married to his wife, Nimra, whom they share 3 sons. In his free time you can find him in Texas following his true passion as a cowboy.

Ali Madha, Vice President of Operations

Ali Madha earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. Since 2011, he has been a leader in all facets of Insight, from the largest projects to the smallest. He served as Insight’s Business Development Manager in 2013, and his management of the Negotiations and Appeals division for Insight’s medical billing has been the precursor to much of Insight’s recent years growth and expansion.
He is committed to giving back to the community by contributing to the growth of Genesee County. He has been involved directly with community-related projects throughout his tenure at Insight.

Noha Hassan Ph.D

Dr Hassan has 6 years of teaching experience in preparing classes, giving tutorial classes to help students solve assignments, grading of tests and quizzes, and setting up experiments. She is an experienced teacher in many fields [Ex: Mathematics (Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Differential Equations), Electric Circuits, Digital/Analog Communications, Computer and Communications Networks, Wireless and Cellular Communications, …et]. She also has experience in Curriculum development, application of Bloom’s Taxonomy, applying teaching practices according to UDL principles, and building inclusive classrooms and classroom management, new innovative teaching techniques that are student-centered and focus on application, practice, formative assessment, and student engagement and motivation ensuring that objectives align with outcomes. She has worked in troubleshooting of various Electronics devices like Transducers; in network design with extensive knowledge of CISCO Networking CCNA/CCNP; in Database design, development, and administration with knowledge of Oracle development and administration, SQL, and SQL Server.

Abeer Al-Gharaibeh, M.D., Ph.D.

Director of Research

Dr. Abeer Al-Gharaibeh attained a doctoral degree in medicine from Jordan University of Science and Technology and received a Ph.D. in neuroscience from Central Michigan University.

Her research focused on using induced pluripotent stem cells and neural progenitor cells as neuronal replacement therapy for neurodegenerative diseases. She also worked on studies using genetically modified stem cells for treatments of stroke and traumatic brain injury. Dr. Al-Gharaibeh is currently collaborating with Dr. Jawad Shah in conducting research studies focusing on neuromodulation as a treatment for spinal cord injury. She is also conducting studies to test solid lipid curcumin particles and nanoparticles as treatments for glioblastoma and neurodegenerative diseases.

Nina Smith

Executive Assistant

Sidra Hashmi

Director of Operations

Tahan Thraya

Corporate Lawyer
Mayer Brown

Baseer Tajuddeen

INSIGHT General Counsel