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Chris Paul Battles Through a Suspected Collateral Ligament Injury

By Asem Alshami & Uzair Siddiqui 

Chris Paul
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Chris Paul has led a young Phoenix Suns team to the finals in hopes of winning their first NBA championship. The Suns have not been in the finals since 1993 when Charles Barkley and Danny Ainge were on the starting lineup. Chris Paul has played 1,090 regular season games and 124 playoff games and has never set foot on the floor of the NBA Finals. 

Unfortunately for Chris Paul, he is dealing with an injury to his right hand during his first finals series. After the Suns’ game 6 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers, Chris Paul revealed that he played with partially torn ligaments in his right hand.

Halfway through the third quarter in game one of the NBA Finals, he seems to get his right hand jammed into the thigh of Bucks forward Bobby Portis which aggravated his hand injury.

Based on video of the injury and the tape on his fingers, our orthopedic surgeons at Insight Orthopedic Specialists suspect Chris Paul to have sustained right middle and index finger collateral ligament injuries. 

Digital collateral ligament injuries typically occur from direct trauma to the finger and can impact the radial or ulnar collateral ligaments. The diagnosis can be made after a clinical exam from the provider and MRI is typically required for confirmation. 

Nonoperative Treatment

  • Buddy tape for 2-3 weeks for simple tears
  • Buddy tape for 5-6 weeks for complete tears

Operative Treatment

  • Surgery: Collateral ligament repair

Despite us not knowing the severity of the tear, it is impressive that Chris Paul is performing at a high-level shooting and controlling the flow of the game. Throughout three games in the NBA Finals, Chris Paul is averaging 37.5 minutes per game, 24.7 points per game, and 8.7 assists per game.

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