Out of Network and Emergent Services

Out of Network and Emergent Services

Our Catastrophic Injury department handles all auto accounts at our facility. They will be the point of contact for any auto related injuries.  Our phone lines are always available and open to questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have to better assist you during your lawsuit process.

All attorney relations need to be directed to this department at (810) 275-9108.


Q:  If my auto claim is in litigation, can I still be treated in the office?

A:  Our priority is to our patients, as long as a lien letter is signed by each patient, we will continue to treat them on a lien basis.

Q:  How can a patient’s attorney obtain specific information regarding my treatment?

A:  We take patient privacy very seriously and all patients need to sign a release form with the attorney listed in order for our office to provide them your information.

Catastrophic Injury Team

Tina Lewis

Tina Lewis

Out-of-Network Management

Tina Lewis has been working in the neurosurgery field since 1998 as support staff; she has a Certificate of Completion for Physical Therapy Aide and will be beginning college courses to pursue a nursing career. She joined Insight Institute of Neuros..

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