IINN Grand Rounds Lecture Series 2019

IINN Grand Round Lecture Series are monthly lectures given by health care professionals.

January 2019

“Patient Centered Medical Homes.”

by Molly Brennan, MPH Lecturer at the University of Michigan at Flint

February 2019

“Potential of solid lipid curcumin particles as a treatment for glioblastoma and neurodegenerative diseases”

by Abeer Gharaibeh, MD, PhD

March 2019

“A Brief Introduction to Clinical Neuropsychology”

by Timothy Franke, PSYD, LP

April 2019

“Filming the invisible in 4D: Novel Nanoscopes Make Movies of bio-nano-molecules in action”

by Hosam Abdelhady, PhD, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Nanotechnologies, Adjunct Professor at Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy – Wayne State University

May 2019

“Manipulation Under Anesthesia.”

by Keith Denning, D.C.

June 2019

“Speech-Language Pathology:  More than Words.”

by Sally Jakeway, MA, CCC-SLP

July 2019

“Sensory Integrative Therapy in Children.”

by Rachel Sullivant, D.C., D.A.C.N.B.

August 2019

“Puradigm-Zone, an alternative way to reduce healthcare-associated infections in traumatic brain injury patients-a case study.”

by Leela Paladugu, MD

September 2019

“Balance Impairment and Fall Risk in Older Cancer Survivors.”

by Jennifer Blackwood, PT, Ph.D.; Hannah Karczewski, SPT

October 2019

“Coming Soon.”

by Pending

November 2019

“Coming Soon.”

by Pending

December 2019

“Coming Soon.”

by Pending

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